Battle Field of the Mind

I was on such a good healthy path and as soon as winter started to creep in my walks stopped, and I found myself making excuses to do any fitness activities. Without realising how long it took me to get my mind right and my body working I went backwards quickly and back into old […]

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#5RandomThings- The Results

So I have not been the greatest at doing my five random things only because things got pretty crazy in March let’s call it March madness. (If you not sure what I am referring to check out this post here then come back and read the results below.) 5 Random Things 1 Learn how to Cook […]

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Motivational Monday – Climbing Mountains

Where have I been… I had an extra long weekend I was off on Thursday and Friday was a public holiday Human Rights Day. So my Monday Morning is starting off pretty hectic catching up on work life and Dance Academy work for our up and coming show in May but I will tell you […]

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