Hello May

Early morning greetings by the cold crisp air as I leave the house to set out on my daily routine. All while it is still dark outside the clear indication that the last month of autumn and the wintry cold months are approaching fast and just like that, we say Hello to May and goodbye […]

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#5RandomThings- The Results

So I have not been the greatest at doing my five random things only because things got pretty crazy in March let’s call it March madness. (If you not sure what I am referring to check out this post┬áhere then come back and read the results below.) 5 Random Things 1 Learn how to Cook […]

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Small Steps to Great Success

People often ┬ásay I am wise beyond my age and Courteney gets that often too and she is only 15. We get the old soul wise spirit from our mother. Being a big sister I always tell Courteney not to rush life and enjoy being young and carefree. My only advice I would give a […]

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