The Stories My Hair Could Tell

While wracking my brain about what to write about this week, I decided to talk about my hair this week. This may sound funny but if you are a mix raced girl from Cape Town known as the “Coloured girl” You will know our hair can tell many stories. Close to the beginning of the […]

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When You Stop Searching You Will Start Finding.

I was once the girl searching for herself in this world I left home away from the pressure of society and family to start afresh learn to depend on myself work on myself, learn to love myself and experience the world. I follow many inspiring people who tend to live a not so ordinary life […]

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12 Practical Hacks to Bring you Back to Life!

  Life gets busy no doubt look it’s May already can you honestly tell me what you did with almost half of your year? This year I made the conscious decision to bring myself back to life, take more control of the things I can change for the better. I still have a long way […]

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