End of Summer Music Festival Vibes- KDAY

If I can share one valuable bit of information with you when it comes to Cape Town it would be expect unpredictable weather. I love summer so much and it is with great sadness that it is now the end of my happy season and the start of the wet rainy one. Atleast over the […]

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Musical Monday – Ultra SA Festival Madness

On Valentine’s Day Cape, Town hosted the biggest International festival to hit our soil. There is no other words to describe it but epic madness!! ULTRA SA A group of us got festival ready in shorts and lumo tops and ready to hit the Ostrich farm for an explosion of music. The weather was sweet […]

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3 Years of Synergy!

I am feeling abit sad and nostalgic today, I guess the best thing to do when one feels like this is, go back in time and relive the awesome moments that is Synergy. The music festival vibe has picked up hugely in Cape Town with every weekend hosting some sort of out door event from […]

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