Weekend Shenanigans

I hope you all had good weekends, mine was surprisingly busy as the festive season picks up it commonly starts getting filled with functions and things one kinda cannot not attend. Since I booked my flight for my holiday in August (27days before I am off)  I have been kinda lying low trying to save […]

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Musical Mondays – Ross Jack

Another week and it is almost the 10th month of the year time is definitely flying. After a weekend of not doing much literally been in the girl cave all weekend with Courteney watching movies and endless series marathons so much so, that I actually started to feel bad that I was not being more […]

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Explore Cape Town With Us – Market Madness

Cape Town is known for its gorgeous weather and terrible storms no wonder it was nicknamed Cape of Storms when first discovered all those thousands of years ago. While Cape Town is still trying to get the memo that it needs to transition from winter to spring we got blessed with some blue sky’s on […]

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