Take a second and Pause….

We heading into the 11th month of the year can you believe it… today marks exactly 2 months before I head out on my little adventure to Thailand mixed with excitement and conflict with so much that is still yet to be done. I just need a second to pause.  On Sunday I got stuck on the highway with my moms car. Courteney and I,can you imagine us city girls without any knowledge about cars it happened so quickly the car just started to slow down and at that very moment the highway was clear giving me enough time to pull over to the  side of the road.(thank you God)


As we sat and me furiously trying to restart the car with no luck we called for help. Mom to the rescue and my uncles came to tow the car home. Yes I was angry that she had not looked after her car but I let that go as things happen we don’t have control over and it is how we deal with it that makes the difference. Now I know I need to make sure my car is in good working condition all the time.  It’s what we learn from these situations that count.

Right now I have to take the train and have not been on the train in a good few months. Its a huge adjustment, if public transport works its great but when it does not its a headache. This morning I waited on the train for almost 2 hours and got to work an hour late.( i hate being late for anything) I am blessed because i could call for help but all those other commuters could not they had to wait and pray a train would come eventually and hope it was not dangerously full. I have had a rough few days trying to fix things at work but I refuse to let that get me down.

While my rushed morning did put me in a bad mood I tried very hard to stay calm. I watched this beautiful through my eyes video from Sawyer Hartman another Youtuber I follow. He makes these absolutely beautiful still motion videos. This one showing the beauty of the changing season from Summer to Autumn and just reminded me to take a second and pause… Yes life happens but the beauty that is ever present around us is always there, appreciate the small gifts in life even when you stuck in the hustle and bustle of reality.

Watch this video below and let me know what feelings it evokes in you.

Focusing on that clear blue beach and cocktail in Thailand to get me through the next 2 months. If you have any tips and advice for me for my trip please feel free to share.


Cherry ♥

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