Taking a leap of Faith- Goals for 2014

I know I spoke about my New year theme last week, you can read all about that (here ) if you have not already.( I think it is a good read cheeky self punt lol)

As I mentioned, this is the year of Making it Happen for me. For Courteney it is the year too, Hit the Ground Running. What she means by that statement is, no more procrastinating and waiting for the last minute to do things. Hit the ground running straight up, especially where school is concerned.

So with that in mind I want to set Goals for myself and Courteney did too . So when we reach the end of the year we can look back and see what we have accomplished.

My Goals

  1. Do a Financial audit of my finances (investments, Retirement, ect I sound so old dammit)
  2. Save more money
  3. Plan another trip ( This year backpack through Vietnam, Cambodia and do the Islands of Thailand we didn’t do)
  4. Be creative with finding ways to make extra money
  5. Lose 4 more kgs and tone my body (2014 year of health and fitness)
  6. Take Out of Africa Dance Academy to the next level with online platform, find sponsors, and more PR for upcoming show.
  7. Learn to be outspoken when it comes to my career, learn and grow within the digital space
  8. Do more short photography courses and creative writing
  9. Connect more with my Faith


Courteney’s Goals

  1. Procrastinate less
  2. Better grades for Grade 11
  3. Shoot a YouTube video once a week
  4. Connect more with my faith
  5. Find a part time job ( babysitting or something)
  6. Grow and learn more as Dancer ( challenge myself)

CherryHeartGirls Goals

  1. Grow our Blog Reach
  2. Put ourselves out there by promoting ourselves more
  3. Be more creative with Content
  4. Own Domain Name ( tick this ones complete yay)
  5. Courteney must contribute more content
  6. Have more framework ( when to post what to post etc)
  7. Do more random acts of kindness

Let me know what you would like to achieve this year  and what exciting plans you may have in-store for the year ahead.

Peace love &Happiness

Cherry ♥

Reunited with my other half after 3 weeks apart! #CherryheartGirls


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