Thailand Adventures- Holding on to Faded Memories

Absolute Paradise!
Goodbye Absolute Paradise!Tuk Tuk adventures around Bangkok on my Birthday!Tuk Tuk adventures around Bangkok on my Birthday!
Celebrated my Birthday in Bangkok we clean up nice lol
Celebrated my Birthday in Bangkok we clean up nice lolIMG_20140107_072322


NYE drinking on the streets with our new friends!
New friends!Our 29 hour journey home. We look happy but we crying inside!Our 29 hour journey home. We look happy but we crying inside!

I have been back from my amazing holiday and reality has kicked in the vacay high has worn off, and the quest for more adventures is held close to my heart

Thank You for reading all my previous posts (here) and hope I managed to inspire you all to travel and visit Thailand there is still so much I never saw or experienced and I hope to have the opportunity to visit it again and discover more.

This trip opened our eyes, made us enjoy living in each moment seeing new things brought us to life speaking to different people brought our worlds together forever. The beauty in learning and being in a foreign place makes you learn so much about yourself. I look back at the pictures and hold on to faded memories and the joy I see in our eyes are magic. Yes, it was our first real adventure across the pond together but our bond grew stronger as friends, and we will forever have our Thailand Adventures to thank for that.

We made so many cool friends and even though we were fast friends we laughed hard and have memories that will bind us together forever. Thanks to technology we can keep in touch. I am sure if we ever do meet again we will be able to kick off like we saw each other yesterday. I truly came alive even though foreign language may have been a stumbling block along the way it was all part of the challenge that is so intriguing about different cultures and countries.

I learned that no matter how far apart we all live we all have something in common and Thailand was the start of our international quest for adventure for all of us.

I celebrated my Birthday in Bangkok our last day in Thailand before our long 29 hour flight home. More memories we will never forget we shopped the entire day went out for a great dinner then went dancing until the early hours of the morning. My 27th Birthday marked something special for me I was surrounded by my best friends in foreign land loving life I made a promise to be that happy always (easier said than done)

So much has happened in the last two months I have good times, sad times, and right now I am in a confusing season. I think about how happy I was often and long for those moments, I am not getting any younger.(that scares me) I am not going to worry about that now I want enjoy life here and make a difference in the world I live in today (while I am still here).

I wish everyone could travel and expand their worlds we get easily trapped in by our circumstances my only hope is that you can break the cycle and if you have the opportunity to go work, live or even just visit another place your world will be changed for good!

This brings the Thailand Adventure series to a close hope you enjoyed  it and here is to more adventures to come! Let me know about a Holiday, work or living experience that changed you.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥







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