That time my family came to visit & we ended up in the Sex Capital of the World.

I haven’t seen my family in  13 months, and I was so excited to see them. My sister who was 16 when I left her now fully legal 18 years old I was overjoyed and nervous to show them a glimpse of my travel life. I had changed so much too, and I was scared, would we get along being a solo traveller for so long and so used to doing my own thing will I get on with them.

While anxiously awaiting their arrival all these thoughts were popping into my head, and I was nervous to see them. They made the long haul flight, and I saw them hugged each of them overjoyed with happiness. My sister’s first words to me were,”why are you so thin it looks like you walking on your arms” hahaha my fondest memory.

A few minutes went by, and we could not find the person who was meant to pick us up family argument number 1. In those very stressful 10 minutes I knew I was in for a bumpy but fun family vacation. I have mastered the art of patience, but this was a new ball game I was about to start playing. Thankfully before I tried to navigate Bangkok with my family and truckload of luggage, we found the transfer and we were off to our hotel.

We chilled for the rest of the day making plans for the next few days in Bangkok. We ended up doing the floating market visited a temple. The evening I took my sister to Kho San Road (if you have never been read my Kho San Road post here) I showed her how the backpackers/travellers do things. The night was so fun filled with street dancing scorpion eating and plenty of the famous Thai bucket drinks. I was so happy to share my life with my sister and just give her a taste of what my life has looked like for the past three months roaming around South East Asia.

After many hours shopping with mother dearest and sister, Dad could not be asked to join so he let us go while he sipped beers in the pool making friends we were all happy this was good.

We headed off to our next destination Pattaya we had been previously warned not to go to this part of Thailand due to its seediness and it being the Sex Capital of the World but no let’s spend Christmas in this seedy place. The key to a good family trip is to do one thing that each person wants to do even if it’s not what you want to do compromise is key.

My sister had friends staying here from home, so we planned to meet up with them and go to the Cartoon Network waterpark that’s how we ended up in the sex capital of the world, haha

Our days here were interesting; the hotel was lovely but right in the middle of all the bars and clubs, so it was loud. I had not seen so many Thai women, ladyboys and old white guys together it was shocking. We never felt comfortable going to beach or taking our clothes off without men staring in that pervy way it was just a shit show to say it politely as possible. There is a walking street where all the clubs and bars are and people luring you in its insane to see, but so sad at the same time. Filled with Russians and Thai prostitutes let’s put it this way even though myself and my sister are adults it’s still not a place for a family vacation. This is just the best, the tagline for Pattaya is “Good guys go to Heaven bad goes go to Pattaya” so you know I am not making any of this up.

We made it to the Cartoon Network waterpark it was fun, and we found a foam party at the hard rock café which was great, and it was nice to be around faces I knew too. So we made the most of a very dodgy situation but were happy to get out of there.

We headed to Krabi for the last leg of the holiday it was so fantastic we stayed in a beautiful hotel in Ao Nang, This felt like a vacation so chill with the most epic sunsets. We all immediately felt relaxed. We booked an island hopping trip visited the beautiful Maya Bay and Phi Phi islands. My mom suffers from severe motion sickness the poor thing didn’t have a great time, but she’s a trooper for sticking it out.

Our days consisted of beach days, the best street food, beach dancing by night it was a good time. New year’s eve we spent on the beach lighting lanterns and watching fireworks it was incredible. The best part was my sister on the mic shouting Happy New Year 2016 to hundreds of party goers because obviously, she made friends with the DJ a few nights back.

It was a great night and the first new year and Christmas I had spent with my family in over two years so it was not traditional at all but it was magical because we were together. As quickly as the trip came, it ended, and we were on a flight back to Cape Town. I never felt more nervous to go home in my life.

I know we more than halfway through the year, and this post is like eight months late but rather late than never they said, right.  I promise to be more consistent with my posts and so much more travel bits to fill you all in on.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥








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