The Great Gatsby

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I may be delayed but I have been putting it off to go and watch this movie for so long and decided just before it’s off at the cinema I am going to check it out. So I went last night not expecting much as I was not familiar with the story at all.

Boy was I blown away… lately I have the concentration span  of about 5 minutes if you don’t grab me within those minutes I will most likely switch you off lol  Due to my YouTube addiction and series when comes to watching something longer than 40 minutes I may just fall asleep if I am not entertained.

Enough rambling back to the point. Everything about the movie grabbed me the 1920’s theme mixed in with some JayZ was a little arb but to me worked so perfectly. From Tobey Maguire’s off beat quirky character to the main attraction Jay Gatsby himself Leonardo DiCaprio. He is my all time favorite male actor,he’s so brilliant and the way he encapsulates each character he plays is true art. I am a hopeless romantic at heart but hate predictable movies and sometimes the happy endings make me sick because they all the same.

This is a different kind of love story one that grabbed me from the beginning right to the end and evoked every form of emotion in me. The story of one mans love for one women driving him to do things beyond his wildest dreams, in hopes to find her and reconnect so he can live out his love story but just when it looks like he can see his dream come true its taken away from him in a heartbeat.

The elaborate parties he would through in hopes that she would attend and they would live happily ever after were extraordinary depicted in this movie. Making you want to jump off your seat through on a 1920’s flapper dress and do the Charleston. The soundtrack of this movie is amazing from Beyonce, JayZ, Will I am, Fergie and my new favorite artist Lana Del Rey just to name a few.

I rate this movie as my movie of the year I haven’t been so captivated by a movie in a long time and I am so glad I watched it at the cinema. If you have not watched it I recommend you  see it  and try to catch it at the cinema if you can.


Cherry ♥


If I was in the Great Gatsby
If I was in the Great Gatsby

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