The Hardest Parts of Living Abroad!

Today’s post is a little dedication to my Family back in Cape Town South Africa may today 12/04/2018 be a day filled with happy tears as you all celebrate the strong women that Granny was as you lay her down to rest!

This is the life I chose, and it’s become what I know, and I would not change it for the world. I get to visit beautiful places, meet interesting people and make a life I am happy to live.

This comes with a big sacrifice for me, leaving home wasn’t easy but a step I needed to take.I don’t regret it at all because it’s made me who I am today.

The hardest parts of living abroad to me are missing moments that can never be relived, like a wedding(still haven’t met my cousin’s wife), special birthdays(Mom’s 50th celebrating my 30th on this side) or losing a family member.

Recently my granny that lives with us has been sick but more so getting frail from old age. We have shared our house with many carers coming in and out, and our house was so busy over the years, as my family sacrificed their space and time to care for my dad’s mother.

As she got weaker over the years, I was not around for the brunt of it as I had chosen to move abroad. I remember coming home from China, She was weaker than what I had remembered, but she was still granny sat in her living room chair hogging the tv remote as remembered and watching all the news and various sporting events. She watched it all.

It will be so strange returning home knowing she won’t be there. She was part of most of my life growing up. When I skyped the family, I would often say hi to her sat on her chair as I remembered. I could see her physically getting weaker, but her spirit was always alive.

She was kind, she was brave, and she was resilient up to her final breath. Her strong fighting spirit will forever be remembered and held close to our hearts as she finally gets to rest peacefully in heaven where her spot has been kept for years. This is what I will remember as I say my final goodbye even though I don’t get to be part of the funeral today I know she is resting now in much better place.

Gods timing is so perfect today as she gets celebrated for living a full life 97 years to be exact, today also marks the 30th anniversary of when her husband took his final breath.

So I thank my family for being such good examples of self-sacrifice and care and showing me that this life we live is not just for us but to serve others graciously.This was no easy task, and I could see how it has affected my mom, dad, and sister over the years and cannot even imagine waking up each day not knowing if Granny would too.

I know this isn’t much and wish I could be there but thanks for always supporting my decision to be where I am. To my family who cared for a beautiful woman who could no longer care for herself to everyone who pitched in when they could over the years I am so grateful and to every sweet message I received from near, and far your prayers,love and thoughts mean so much to me.




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