The most unexpected place you will ever see in Vietnam do not miss it.

Hello all you Sun Kissed Souls.

Hope you are all well, today I am sharing all things Ba Na Hills. The most unexpected place you will ever see in Vietnam do not miss it.

Did you ever wish to visit France but maybe could not afford the trip? Did you ever think you could book a ticket to Vietnam and end up in France too? No, I didn’t know this was possible either until I woke up in Vietnam and then what felt magical, I was transported by the longest and highest cable car in the world to the Ba Na Hills. As I stepped out of the cable car, I felt like I was in France or a European city of sorts.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain this place, and I remember feeling very overwhelmed and asking myself where am I? Throughout my day. The beautiful architecture and seeing this entirely different world upon these hills are just amazing. There are picture opportunities on every corner the cobblestone streets the European castles and the French village. Live dancing performances in the village center every hour makes for a treat to the eyes. Then you can find the Fantasy Park a built-in amusement park with a games arcade and rides to entertain the whole family. There are ample restaurants so you will never go hungry and just something unusual around every corner.

There are no words or enough pictures to do this place justice it’s just one of those places I wish everyone can experience and then we can discuss how randomly awesome it is after. I think what gives it, its magic appeal is; that it is up on the hill in the middle of nature, it’s incredibly unexpected and the most unexpected place I have ever experienced.

So let’s get to the nitty-gritty. Everything you need to know and more.

How to get there?

Arrange a taxi. We arranged a private taxi with a set price from our hotel. We paid 600 000 VDN about $25USD R369.50 ZAR
This price was for the entire day you organise your time for pick up from the hotel and pick up from Ba Na hills back to your Hotel.

My suggestion: Try and spend the whole day there we left at 10 am and stayed there from 11 am – 4 pm. It’s a 45-minute drive from Da Nang City.
Opening hours‎: ‎07:30 AM – 09:30 PM

The Ba Na Hills

The Ba Na Hills is one of the newest and most exciting projects in Vietnam. It’s a mountaintop resort complex that looks like a medieval castle, but inside these stone walls are modern accommodations, world-class restaurants and a Fantasy Park full of exciting things.

Ba Na Hills opened in 2013, the cable cars at Ba Na Hills hold several Guinness World Records, including the longest gap, heaviest cable and the greatest change in elevation. The cable cars, are the perfect way to get spectacular views of Danang and the surrounding forests. You can find out more about the cable car system here

Ticket price: For adults, a cable car ticket is 650,000 VND $29 USD R423.82 ZAR. Children from 1m–1.3m in height pay 550,000vnd $24USD R350.75 ZAR. Children under 1m are free. The tickets include return and also grant you entrance to the resort complex and Fantasy Park.
Insider Tip1: Arrange with your driver to take you to a ticket office in the city before getting to Bana Hills to avoid any long lines at the park, and it saves you time so you can enjoy more of your time up on the hills.

Golden Bridge

We got off at our first stop the Golden Bridge the new addition to the BaNa Hills just opened this past June. I am sure you have seen plenty of pictures of this magnificent bridge in the clouds. With huge hands coming out of the hills looking like it is holding up the bridge. It’s such a beautiful bridge and a surreal thing to see up close and personal. It is tough to get excellent pictures with nobody in them, but we tried our best. It is a bustling spot with many tourists and a spot I think will be drawing tourists in for many years to come.


Stroll through the French Village

I kid you not once you arrive at the French Village, you might feel like you’re in the French Alps. When the clouds cover the entire mountaintop, the illusion is even more complete.We experienced this towards the end of our day before the rain rolled in too and painted a stunning picture.

The cobblestone streets and European-style buildings are remarkably well-built considering that this resort is in Vietnam and at an elevation of 1,500 meters.This astonishing fact left me in disbelief my entire time spent here. Dont miss the amazing live performances that happen in the city centre about every hour.
InsiderTip2: Bring a sweater or a warm jacket. The top of the mountain can be somewhat chilly, especially in the winter months. Also, you should monitor the weather. If it’s raining or overcast, you won’t be able to see anything as you get closer to the top. Try to go on a bright day if you can but don’t let the weather stop you unless it’s closed.


Fantasy Park

The Fantasy Park is 21,000 square meters of indoor fun and games for the whole family. The theme is based on two novels by Jules Verne: Journey to the Centre of the Earth (1864) and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea (1870). There are familiar carnival rides, like a carousel and a big spinner, but also some unusual ones, such as a Jurassic Park area and even a wax museum.

Check out this video below  of the Alpine Coaster sad i didnt do this so if  you go do it for me and tag me in a picture or video. @hersunkissedsoul (shameless plug)

For tips on things to do check out more information here


Please let me know down below in the comments, if you have ever been plesently surprised like I was when I found this place on your travels. I would love to check them out if ever I find myself there.

Hope you enjoyed this inside look at Bana Hills. If you have been please comment down below and let me know your first impression.

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