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Welcome, all to the new Chapter, this is the chapter of Her Sun- Kissed Soul. After a year of trying to rebrand this site to something that represented me the person, the ever-evolving woman I am today.

After months of deliberating new names, and scrolling through hundreds of themes nothing just spoke to my soul, and I would just keep putting it off. My creativity was at all time low, and I tried hard to keep the Cherryheartsblog alive. I can’t be the only person who gets overwhelmed, and that leads to procrastination that leads to nothing ever getting done. Anyone out there feel me?

Blogging for me started off so many years ago as my outlet to be free share my thoughts, pictures, and document my travels. It once was a place where I was so eager to post new content I was bursting with ideas. It was my love project until it grew dormant because I just wasn’t proud of it anymore.

I missed the days I would venture out and be inspired to write about places I have been literally turning anything into a story to be told. My blog was my brainchild bursting with all of my thoughts opinions, and it was my creative platform. Through time and my busy life, it grew stale my zest for writing became cold, and I hit a block.

So after months almost a year of re-finding my passion I started transforming my life, going back to church was vital for me once I got back in touch with my spiritual life everything else began to fall into place. I started trying new things becoming more active and losing weight and focusing on a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. (Something I have been battling for years.)

With a clear mind and new outlook on life, I understood what I wanted to do with this platform and started doing research and thinking of new names again something that took me about a year to do finally came together in the space of 3 days. All because I am in a better place mentally.

Her Sun- Kissed Soul was born with my new clean layout representing me. I want to be a light in this world like the sun brightens our days. God has gifted me with this new found spirit to conquer life the right way, and I want to inspire and encourage everyone who reads my posts, gets in touch with me and meets me on the street.

I can’t wait to continue challenging myself pushing myself to do more create more, see more of this world and bring joy to all. My goal is to inspire, motivate and learn from all those who jump aboard the Sun-kissed train. I don’t claim to be an expert in any specific topic, but I think I could add some value based on my trials and errors navigating through womanhood as I strive to live life better.

Being a Woman in this day and age is no joke and surely something they do not equip us with at school. So here’s to the adventures of Her Sun-Kissed Soul and you are all welcome to come along and enjoy this Sun-Kissed Ride.

Peace love and happiness!



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