The Thailand Adventures – Come on a wild Ride with Us #5

Words cannot describe how much we enjoyed this tour and highly recommend it to everyone. It is perfect to do this as a family as it, it truly caters for everyone.


Itinerary For the day 

07:45 – 08:30

Meet & Greet at the hotel lobby.
The day starts with a journey north to Phang Nga Province (Approximately 2 hours traveling time) related information will be briefed on board.


Arrive at the Camp, located at Tone Pariwat Sanctuary Station, a beautiful place covered with gorgeous vegetation in Phang Nga province. Our guide will lead the customer to the locker where to keep their belonging while doing the activity. Then, coffee break with local Thai sweet will be provided.Enjoy five activities as following (2 activities in the morning and the remaining will be provided after lunch).* Elephant trekking: (2 persons per 1 elephant) through the intact nature for sightseeing a rural area of Songpreak, Rubber plantation & local fruit gardens and the elephant information will be briefed.
* Whitewater Rafting: Adventurous and exciting white water rafting with inflatable raft (4-5 persons per 1 raft). All are controlled by experienced paddle guides, through a natural beautiful stream (Lifejackets and helmets are all provided).
* Swimming at Waterfall: Get on local song taew then transfer to Tone Pariwat Waterfall, you can swim in the nature emerald pool.
* ATV, 1 hour to ride on 4WD ATV for sightseeing a life style of local people and before start the program, routing information including procedure will be given.
* Flying Fox, a challenge activity that wait you to try.


Thai set lunch served at the camp restaurant.
After lunch continue the 3 remaining activities as mentioned above.


Back to the camp and preparing to return to Phuket.


Depart from the camp.


Return to hotel.


I won’t call myself an adventurous person and I am often scared to do a lot of things but being in a different country

1743562_10151841934531721_622083216_nyou do not have the time to be scared, pushing your boundaries is on the menu.

First thing on the days plan was feeding the monkeys. Sounded like fun at Monkey Cave until one nicely jumped on my back and I couldn’t contain my anxiousness. The thought literally still sends shivers down my spine lol

Then off to elephant trekking this was so awesome. I felt a little sad because I didn’t think the elephants were treated very well though. Being out in the Thai jungle sitting on the back of an elephant will be a memory I will cherish forever. It was seriously something major I can tick off my bucket list.

Then on to the next thing, next to my two friends who accompanied me on this trip I will openly admit I am not the best driver ever. So the next adventure was fun but more challenging for me lol ATV, Quad biking, never been and the thought never really excited me either.

I was at the back of the pack because I knew I would most likely hold up the queue if I had been anywhere else. I had a slow start almost went off course too lol but I got the hang of it as we drove around the jungle in the piping hot heat. (So proud I did it)

We took a break for lunch and met the most awesome Australian family. The family made up of a mom, dad, daughter, son and his girlfriend. The girlfriend and son were hanging from a hectic party the previous night so needless to say an adventure day wasn’t the best way to spend the day. It was so funny to watch the banter between the family; it made me miss my own.

After a very nice lunch proper Thai food, fried chicken and lovely fruit just what we needed to get us ready for the final activity white water rafting.( So sad I do not have pictures of this)

The day sure ended on a high. So off we went got our life jackets on and our rubber boat two German girls joined us on our boat and we had to guides to paddle so all we had to do was hold on.

Stacey clearly didn’t have any trouble making friends with the guides by uttering “Ola Pappi” her Mexican persona lol This then lead to all the guides speaking to each other blowing kisses at her and then creating such a stir that all the tourists in their boats all started staring at us what a laugh.

We then rafted along the river for 5 km everyone splashing water at each other and bumping into each other was great fun and an experience I would not change for the world.

Not only did we have fun this day it pushed me to be more adventurous, too many this will probably be child’s play but to me this was breaking my comfort zone and my boundaries and this is what traveling and new experiences teach you.

So I am happy to say I didn’t give up and I completed every task of the day with a smile and the greatest memories.

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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