The Thailand Adventures -Phi Phi Island where I left my Heart




The Island where my heart melted and I became one with life, being surrounded in the beauty you call Kho Phi Phi made my life worth existing. The island feel, the winding streets the buzz of people and the calm of the beauty all jumping at you at once made my heart melt.

The narrow winding alleys and the picturesque views completed me. I could wander the island for hours and not for a second be bored or have to talk to a single person if I didn’t want to. I could picture myself hiding out on this island for awhile just sitting under a palm tree watching all the boats of tourists come in as excited as I was when I first disembarked the boat.

Writing blog posts and sharing all the smiles, I see when I see all the new faces bask in the beauty that is Phi Phi. Talking to locals and foreigners from near and far learning their stories. Being a local at the bar on the corner where everyone knows me by name and my order by heart. I can see myself dancing on the beach as they light a fire to light up the island night sky.

Taking pictures of everything and anything just being in such an inspiring place where everyone seems to light up with a friendly face, no cars hooting you out the way just foot paths leading you to discover something more beautiful. To think a place like this exists and I only got to see it for a few hours brings me to tears. It felt like heaven on earth for a moment, a moment in time where I didn’t worry about anything or anyone, it was just me and the beauty God created.

If you have visited this Island or place, you felt, that took your breath away let me know in the comments.

I believe God created the beauty of the world for us to discover it and appreciate him so much more, give thanks for the life we live as we only have one so make it count and if you have the chance, Travel the World!

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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