The Ultimate tip to getting out of your Comfort Zone

I am sure you have heard the most quotable saying of them all by now life starts outside your comfort zone right.

Well, no surprise here it is so right the minute you can take that leap of faith and head outside of it you are giving yourself space to grow instead of getting comfortable. You are giving yourself challenges and facing fears all the things to better equip you with the Big Bad world we live in today. If you get a too comfortable life will seem dull and boring, and you may even ask yourself questions like what’s the point of my life. Or worse you may love the little bubble you created only to regret all your missed opportunities later on in life. That’s something I don’t want for me, and I surely don’t want for you either.

We are all given one life how long or short it will be we will never really know so what is guaranteed is the present. Living life now not stuck in the past or living in the future. And if you don’t know what the heck you doing or what you meant to be doing something many people battle with including myself.

My ultimate tip to get you out of your Comfort Zone is a no-brainer, and I can put money on the fact that you have most likely heard this a million times.

Just start now, start doing everything and anything that completely scares you, or you never thought you could do start it. Start small with taking a class you always wanted to. If you wanted to go on a trip, for example, GO stop scrolling through Facebook or Instagram and get your head out of the web and make a savings plan and go. It doesn’t have to be crazy start small but start doing something. Another example if there is a girl or guy you fancy ask them out you have nothing to lose. My Point is get up and do it.

Speaking from experience, I hate public speaking or talking to a camera and I have wanted to create videos for years, but I allowed the negative voices and my comfort zone to stop me from stepping out and just freaking do it. The minute I pressed post on my first speaking video on Instagram, I was freaking out, but I knew the only way to get better with this is to keep on. I may bring some value to those who watch, and I am working on a skill that could help me later on in life. This can’t be done if I didn’t start just doing it. We need to get out of our heads and start doing more things.

So I hope you all can start doing the things that are holding you back from your full potential. Here is my first full talking video I made I even launched my Instagram TV channel something entirely out of comfort zone but I am trusting the process, and I genuinely pray all of you can do it too.

Please give it a watch, follow my socials and let me know what you think?

My challenge is that you all do one thing no matter how big or small it is do it. Tag me online on Instagram or comment down below I want to follow all your adventures outside of your comfort zone and let me know what you doing.

Here is Part one of my Video to check out part two go onto my Instagram TV and give it a watch.

Peace,Love and Hapiness




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