The Weekly Wrap Up #1 Hectic Town

Hey Lovely people who read the rambles on the CherryHeartsBlog aka CHB (see what I just did there acronymed my blog forgive the looser moment lol)

Anyways back to more pressing matters, It is Friday (Yay!) and just created a new series right now as I am writing this called the Weekly Wrap Up. This week went by in a flash, total hectic town and I feel like I have not given CHB enough love.

This week started with a 5am wake up call off to the the Expresso Morning show for Courteney’s dancing gig and I got to meet Ross Jack a total hotty rapper producer guy and he followed me on Instagram whoop whoop. More about that here.

Expresso Mornings with Ross Jack and these dancing Beauts

Tuesday my building was riddled by loud banging from builders. They are renovating a restaurant right below our office and its caused me so much head pain, along with endless complaints to the landlord about the noise as we cannot even hear the phone ring. To our dismay this is foreseen to be going on for an entire month. (Lord give me strength or a month of free food when they open lol)

I went for a nice long walk on the Seapoint promenade after the the loud banging. It was just what I needed fresh air, sea breeze  and good chilled vibes. While the prom was buzzing with all kinds of people. (Love people watching think that’s my sport lol) From tourists with large cameras to lovers staring at each other starry eyed on park benches, old married couples still holding hands as they go for their evening stroll, kids playing in the park all carefree and the fitness junkies running and cycling away.

Fresh air and promanade  vibes
Fresh air and promanade vibes

Something more serious a dear friend of mine is critically sick in hospital so been praying for a swift recovery. He has Guillain–Barré syndrome a disorder affecting the peripheral nervous system. His improving everyday but still no visitors allowed and he needs crazy amounts of rest. So my prayers and thoughts are with his family!

Gets this App and read on the go!
Gets this App and read on the go!

Wednesday I made an appearance at the gym and listened to a book on my phone I recently downloaded an app called its amazing so many books you can purchase and it is narrated to you. I really do like to read but I feel like I just never have time this is perfect for in the car, at gym or just walking around. (start your free trail here)

Thursday was another 5am wake up call back to Expresso Morning show Courteney and her crew were dancing with Lloyde Cele one of our South African Idols so was a big deal as his rather well known across SA due to the fact that SA voted for him. Will add more about that on Monday’s installment of Musical Monday.

More Expresso Madness with Lloyde Cele!
More Expresso Madness with Lloyde Cele!

After work I rushed off to Out of Africa Dance Academy to supervise as Courteney along with a few of her crew members took the class for the evening as they the Senior crew and Director was off to Johannesburg for a competition. So wishing them loads of good luck for today!

Best wishes to our crew competing in Jozi!
Best wishes to our crew competing in Jozi!

So that’s a wrap for this week, as for weekend plans I have my adorable child actually my cousins kido preschool concert tonight those things are always adorable. Should be doing something fun on Saturday visiting a cat park and a wine farm and Sunday the 2 C’s church and chill.

Let me know how your week was and if you doing anything crazy cool this weekend. Also let me know if you like this weekly wrap idea as I know some weeks will be more interesting than others.

Have a blessed weekend all!!


Cherry ♥

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