Unlock your Potential!

It’s almost time to reveal the exciting projects I have been working on  but in this post call it a prelude if you will a sneak peak, a hint… of what’s been keeping me so busy.

I was lucky to realise early on in life that you can create your own dreams and you can make it come true. That money is important but should never be the main driving force in your life. To build long strong relationships, not to use one another but to leverage off one another ,create opportunities that will better each person not only yourself and most importantly trust that God has a plan for your life!

With that said I found what truly makes my heart tick and  get my creative juices flowing. As most of you know if you read some of my previous posts, I am completely fascinated by the YouTube space and the fact that it allows you to be creative and create good content.  Since I stumbled onto this world of YouTubers and creating content ,this blog was born. I have not manned up to face the camera just yet but rather behind the scenes filming, creative directing, turning a story into a visual masterpiece. I cannot wait to show off what I have helped create and the amazing team that I worked with me  that just had the same drive, vision and like mindedness and worked so seamlessly together.

I had this remarkable conversation with a friend last night , about teachers in today’s world need to equip children to learn how to learn instead of giving up and being lazy or learn straight from a textbook and not relate it to the real world. I did ok at school, an average student but If I knew then that English would become my most used subject today I think I would have payed more attention.

We all have talents and passions that need to be groomed so you can use  it to your full potential  for the greater good, as soon as you have unlocked that you will see things starting to line up and opportunities start to come. I am living proof of this. I have just opened the door and cannot contain my excitement for the future. I have so many plans and so many  things that I want to accomplish. I know nothing is ever easy but if you have the passion, drive, support, good relationships,trust God and align your vision with his vision things will happen.

This weekend is exciting I have my Friends 3oth Birthday party tonight  and little not so little Courteney turns sweet 16 tomorrow so excited.

Hope you all have great Fridays and an even better weekend!!


Cherry ♥

Unlock Your Potential!

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