Unofficially official

What does that even mean?? Is it even grammatically correct? Or is it just an Oxymoron?


Unofficially Official:

When you can officially say the name of the person you like without being afraid, yet you aren’t dating that person. E.g.

Two months earlier:

Taylor- “I got to talk to ‘you know who’ yesterday.”

Sarah- “Cool!”


Taylor- “I got to talk to Luke yesterday!!”

Sarah- “Omg, is it official?”

Taylor- “No:(, but I can say his name now!”

Sarah- “Then it’s unofficially official!!”

So being a teenager, something that I have come across a lot is this idea of “vibing”. Young couples claim to be “vibing”. You know what I mean, the whole “we’RE just friends” has gone a step further to “we’re just vibing/vibers”.

I too thought the whole idea of no title was cool and all hipster and you could be like “OMG we’re unofficially official”. But after in-depth debating and contemplating with my mother I have concluded that the wise (older) ones always seem to be right. Drum roll please…

There is NO difference between unoffically official and official with actual titles.

Wow, didn’t take a scientist to discover that now did it???

Okay, so what I’m trying to say is that in both of these relationships you still feel the same way about each other so why wouldn’t you want to make it official?? If you’re not ready to make the commitment (wow, I feel like an old person) then why are you in a relationship in the first place? Or do you have something to hide? #LOL

I’m not attacking you don’t worry, just re-evaluate the whole term for yourself. If you can come up with a valid reason for “vibing” then go ahead “vibe” and feel free to share your opinion and comment below 🙂

At the end of the day, unofficially official leaves both you and your partner confused and under subconscious pressure of “what are we really?” To prevent all of this stress, forget about being all hipster and kick it old school 😉 You know back in the day when people had an actual girlfriend or boyfriend, not an unofficial but an official one: D

You’re welcome 😉



Just a bit of humour to illustrate my point
LOL this is classic!

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