We Live for Likes and Follows

We live in an ever moving, growing, strange time. Who would have thought a few years back we would be glued to PC screens and cell phones would be our umbilical cord to life. Our constant need to stay updated and connected to the social world of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,blogs,Pinterest, YouTube, images (3)Instagram and the list goes on.We live in a world where we hunger for likes, no longer does your parents approval mean the world to you. You actually want the world to approve of you. This made me think we live in a crazy world filled with being better than the next and wanting more Facebook friends, more likes , followers on Twitter and views on YouTube. I am sure you catch my drift by now.

Even Goldfish has a song out called;  One million Views.

The common conversion is how many views did you get or likes or retweets did you get.

My personal guilty pleasure is YouTube I will admit it. I love watching things other people get up too or the silly videos they make and nowadays everyone has a 5 minute concentration span because we constantly getting thrown with new apps to download, like, follow or tweet about.

Yes life without the Internet will surely take us back to the dark ages and I can’t even imagine it for a second, without getting cold shiver down my spine, before the withdrawal symptoms start to kick in. I work in a digital space that would mean no job for me.

As much as I love the social media space and the clever technology always being created. It just brings me back to thinking that as much as it is social it is antisocial. When going out for dinners to be social, people these days are so preoccupied with their phones that they need to enforce a game. Everyone puts their phone on one side of the table and the first one who breaks and uses their phone pays for the bill.

Is our social skills and preoccupation with gadgets ruining the way we communicate? Sadly I have to think it is. All the kids being brought up in this day and age no longer know what it is to play outside. Now it’s what video game can I play or what app can I download.

As much as I love technology and being connected it is sad that we live in  this world where other people’s approval on a social network ultimately means the world to us. I think knowing this we should include these things as part of our lives and live side by side and not let the world of social media ultimately consume us. We should learn to live more and do things not just for a picture to load on every single social networking site available to mankind. That’s just my food for thought.


Cherry ♥

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Cell Phone Stacking Game
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