We should All Travel with Purpose!

I have that travel itch again and can’t wait for my summer break. It’s funny how things can change when I wrote this piece below I was planning on doing another longterm traveling stint, but I have decided to put that on hold for the moment and extend my stay in Korea. I will be heading back to Vietnam for a little summer break so looking forward to that.

For me, the opportunity to travel and explore the world has changed my life in so many ways, and while thinking about this, I had this feeling that on my next adventure around the globe I need to travel with a purpose. So I wrote this and hopefully, I can inspire other travel lovers to travel with a purpose too. Let me know in the comments below where you exploring next or whats high on your travel bucket list.

When I get to travel next, I want to go with purpose each new place I visit has a hidden gem waiting to be discovered and best of all a lesson to be learned.

I am tired of being a silent consumer and filling the earth with my carbon footprint I want to go out and do good in any small way I can.

I don’t want this trip to be another crazy one where I live for the party and the Instagram tags. As much as I want to learn, I want to give back in any small way I can. You see I was never one much for the classroom seat the irony is now I am the one being the teacher.

Studying from books never gave me my kicks, but when I am out in the school that is this world, and I can see things with my own eyes. I can listen to history stories hear the impacts and look at the feelings on each person’s face this is how I like to learn. I want to cross the globe searching for stories to be told bring light where there is darkness and give a stranger some hope.

Because you see I have this opportunity that not many can say they have so I want to use it for good, not just frivolous gains.  I am a woman of the earth one that wants to be proud of what she did with her time.

So my next trip I want to make it count, count for something more than just me because in this world that we live I am so small and the world is so big. Making an impact that can cause a ripple effect is what my heart and my God wants me to do.

My goal on this trip is to be awakened from the core see things that my eyes cant believe connect with people from my wildest dreams.  I want to be open, free from judgment and lies. I want to be tested to see how far I can stretch. I want to cry I want to laugh I want to dance until my feet hurt. I want to look at sunrises on mountain tops and sunsets when evening drops. I want to fuel my life with living hope that I can help restore humankind. Because not every person is dangerous and not every circumstance is unkind. I want the crazy struggle and thinking on the fly when my compass is broke, and my worries come to rise.

And most of all I want this trip to make me try not for me or a pat on my back for the heavenly father that called me to serve so this mission I will take with one thing in mind I am here to help you and give you the most praise. So guide me and lead me where my soul will be set on fire because this next trip I take it’ll be one for you and humankind.

So I hope I can fulfill my goal and bring you all along to travel with purpose. Let me know your thoughts and have a beautiful weekend.

Peace love and Happiness



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