Weekend Shenanigans

I hope you all had good weekends, mine was surprisingly busy as the festive season picks up it commonly starts getting filled with functions and things one kinda cannot not attend.

Since I booked my flight for my holiday in August (27days before I am off)  I have been kinda lying low trying to save my moola so the old party girl version of myself kinda took a backseat. I was very content with that as I am not so sure if I enjoy knocking back the shots as much as I did a few years ago ok last year lol (signs of getting older)

Friday night I did the Rocky Horror show as I explained in my review yesterday (here). Saturday I so much just wanted to stay in and sleep but my house on Saturday is so chaotic why people need to get up and make noise at 7am is beyond me, took Courteney to dancing then rushed off to get my hair did well over due I might add. My Hairdresser was not to happy with me because I am so lazy when it comes to my hair I just hate drying it and my hair has started to break off leaving my ends in a horrific state so my trim turned into a cut (so long to the long hair dreams)

Then rushed off to my cuz for her birthday, fun chilling in the sun talking smack as we do so well with all her friends.

The evening my awesome friends decided to do a Long Street Mission (Cape Towns Iconic Party Street) So we bar hopped and found this really cheap place with good music #winning. By 12 pm I was beat and my bed and series was calling my name seriously what has happened to the days coming home at 5 am used to be the norm lol

Sunday was a schorture of a day, Cape Town showing off went to church then to a family lunch. On my way I got a text from my friend asking if I could help out with my friends Music video Mathew Gold.( you can find previous posts here and here)  He needed extras for his 3rd single Life is Short. Check him out on iTunes now (here)

Why not hey it’s not everyday we have an opportunity to help a friend out and its my favorite track on his cd I cannot stop playing in my car. Picked Kyle up and Courteney and I were off.

I do not want to give too much away but the concept in a nutshell is life is to short to be stuck in the rut of day to day and not live your dream.(totally up my alley) Mathew then shows his amazing trumpeter that he can live his dream and be musician. We were in the end scene where Mathew is performing his song and we are the crowd dancing and cheering so we had our own private concert for a few hours in a dark warehouse vibe dancing for a few takes was hot sticky but fun. Just another Sunday afternoon in my world lol. Cannot wait till the music video drops and everyone can see how it is all put together. Ended my Sunday off off with a drink, food and much needed sleep.

How was your weekends and has the festive season kicked off in your world yet I am always keen to hear all about it!


Cherry ♥


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  1. Meloney Kleinsmith

    Hey Tinkerbell, I also wanna know who the crazy people are that wakes you at 7am on a Saturday morning….unforgivable!!!! Howz a girl supposed to stay gorgeous AND in a good mood when woken at that time. They asking the impossible of you…..lol…..

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