Weekly Wrap Up – Not so Crazy Kids, Life Lessons and maybe something exciting…

This week was busy as usual, nothing major exciting though.

I babysat on Monday night at Sisters Incorporated a place where I volunteer with my church. I have been doing it for almost 3 years now, cannot believe how time has flown. Basically Sisters Incorporated is a home for abused women and their children in Kenilworth not too far from where I stay. Every Monday a group of women from my church (Common Ground Church) in Rondebosch minster to these women and help them on their journey. While this happens I look after there children. I play with them. colour pictures, build puzzles and read bible stories to them and sometimes I just watch them run circles around me lol


My mother used to run the women’s group and one day about 3 years ago they needed someone to help look after the children. Needless to say she asked me and I could not say no.  She was all knowing that I am not really kid friendly but she asked anyway. For same strange reason kids seem to like me. Almost like dogs they can sense I am not fond of them but will constantly mill around my feet.( I guess I have that motherly instinct I don’t know about) Long story short for being that brave and back then we had no plan but a few screaming kids leaving me very dizzy and making that hour and abit feel like a lifetime. My mom rewarded me with a black coat I just could not see my life without but could not afford at the time. I will never forget that life lesson she taught me.

Life Lesson

To be selfless and do things with out expecting anything in return. She said just like God rewards those that do good for him so she will learn from his example and reward me for doing a good job and being brave by looking after those screaming kids.


We live in a selfish doggy dog world but that lesson has always stayed with me. I mean I am still looking after screaming kids, okay they  don’t scream too much and I often leave feeling good that I have allowed there moms to have time with the Lord and share what they have learnt with there beautiful children.

Enough about that…Tuesday was gym think I am running out of time to get this bod Thailand Ready (tear tear)

Wednesday I watched a really awesome movie my mom kept raving about it so I gave it a watch. The Internship with Vince Vaughn and Owen Willson.


Story line; its about two salesmen their business gets shut down and they forced to find employment elsewhere, living in the 21st century where everything is computerized they forced to learn quickly. They get an internship at Google and have to do all funny challenges and learn this new world and they bring there old world of business in too. I thought it was very well executed depicting that the world needs the cyber geek but should never forget about people skills.  Thrown in with a few funny scenes. Worth the watch.

Thursday was more babysitting this time at one of the ladies from church, she has two precious boys they were asleep when I got there so my night was easy. Even managed to watch TV I don’t even know what’s on these days. One of my favorite shows to watch is Top billing watch it whenever I get a chance. It’s a lifestyle show only bring you the good life of all things great.  One of my favorite Capetian bloggers  was on did a fashion styling challenge and won. Her name is Aqeelah Harron blog FashionBreed. A super awesome girl from Cape Town doing good things in the fashion world.


So that’s a wrap folks my week seemed more exciting than I thought lol Hope you are all well and thanks for the comments. likes and followers means the world to us Cherry Hearts. FYI I have not mentioned much about Courteney incase you are wandering she is good battling school and dance as usual . We have exciting plans with Out of Africa Dance Academy we may be planning fundraisers to get the dancers to Croatia  but will explain all soon.

Weekend plans, Saturday looks like a fun day out off to the  Pinotage on tap event ( check it out if you looking for something cool to do in Cape Town) The event will be held at Diemersfontein Wine Estate in Wellington. So keep an eye open for a post about all things wine and foody again.

Happy Weekend!


Cherry ♥




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