Welcome Back

It feels so strange to be back home, If you new to my blog welcome and those that have been here from the beginning welcome to 2014. I trust you all had great vacations, ate way too much, laughed hard  and spent great quality time with your families.

As I embarked on my adventure to visit Thailand on the 23rd of December 2013,  I took a break from my blog as it was difficult for me to travel with too many electronics, but wish I could have shared every experience with you all. I did for sure take ridiculous amounts of pictures, and updated my instagram  constantly, to keep everyone back home updated with my adventures.

I arrived home yesterday morning at 9am after traveling for 29 hours we had a layover in Abu Dhabi for 10 hours I tried to sleep but that didn’t work to well. I ended up skyping my family and friends, watching series on my phone ate and had some deep conversations with my girls. (Reflecting on our trip and goals for the year ahead) We were so sad to leave our 2 week world wind vacay.It was over in a blink of an eye and we wish so much to return.

This holiday was the adventure my soul craved and I fear it has only just set fuel to my fire and sparked the desire in me to travel more and live the adventure! #travelbug

I feel really sick (mad thai disease, caused by too much fun lol)  came home with blocked ears, sore throat,no voice, mosquito bites for days and a sore body. So I am keeping this post short and sweet today rest time. While I sort out all my pictures and videos and plan how I am gong to do my next few Thailand travel adventure post, so much to share I don’t know where to start.

Let me know how your festive seasons have been so happy to be back on my blog missed sharing my shenanigans.

Peace love and happiness


Cherry ♥

Layover in Abu Dhabi
Layover in Abu Dhabi
Welcome back to Cape Town.
Welcome back to Cape Town.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Back”

  1. Meloney Kleinsmith

    Welcome back hun. Glad u back safe and sound and that you had an awesome time. Looking forward to all your stories and pics. And don’t leave out the juicy bits…lol…The hunks you met etc. You’ve inspired me to travel again after SO many years this year and it’s definately a plan in progress.

    1. So glad that I have inspired you thats my goal with this blog! I had the most amazing time and cannot wait to share it all! Planning my next trip already lol all the best for 2014 my motto and u should grab it too is Make it happen in 2014!

      1. Meloney Kleinsmith

        Am sure you inspire a lot even tho they might not comment. Keep on blogging doll. You’re doing just great. Am planning to do just that in 2014.

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