When You Stop Searching You Will Start Finding.

I was once the girl searching for herself in this world I left home away from the pressure of society and family to start afresh learn to depend on myself work on myself, learn to love myself and experience the world.

I follow many inspiring people who tend to live a not so ordinary life trying to figure out their purpose and make their difference in this world. Watching them inspired me to do the same and make my situations work out the best for me.

In this now four year process there has been many ups and many downs, and I would not change it for anything. I loved every moment I was happy learning, seeing and experiencing something new.

I am finally starting to understand this thing called life and my mind is at peace. There are still moments when I am stressed or tired or put too much pressure on myself, but now I feel more capable of fighting each battle because I am not alone no matter the storm my Lord above will never fail me and his my life especially when I feel lost.

One of my Influencer friends I feel like she is even though we haven’t met yet captioned one of her pictures and it entirely made sense to me.

It said, “I recently came to a beautiful realization I am no longer trying to find myself in this big wide world, I am now becoming myself, and that’s a whole new and exciting adventure.” Rochelle Fox.

Becoming yourself is the best adventure you can ever go on, learning to understand yourself, listening to your gut feelings, feeling alive when your heart is set on fire doing something unusual or connecting with someone on a deeper level.

In this self-promotion world, we live in it’s easy to allow others to dictate how you should or should not behave or feel. It’s so important to be still and connect with yourself when you truly listen you will start becoming the most beautiful version of yourself. Embrace every flaw and be vulnerable because your vulnerability is not a weakness it’s your greatest strength and allows you to live your truth most authentically.

I recently shared a post on Instagram about me becoming myself instead of searching for it like I did for so long.

She once was a shy girl, too afraid to step out she then took a deep breath and a shot of courage and left all she knew to embark on a journey. She went on a search to find herself; she saw many things, made lifelong friends saw breathtaking views she tested her limits, watched sunsets and stayed up all night to see the first light. She never found herself but what she did find was that her true self-wasn’t out there to be found but inside her all along. Waiting for the right moment to come alive and every time the sun kissed her face she started to feel her soul burn brightly. Then it all made sense. She stopped searching for herself because slowly she was becoming herself and enjoying this journey and this adventure called life!

It’s taken me ten years to stop looking for what I need to fulfill me, in material things, in people or peer pressure that I succumbed to in the past because I didn’t fully understand my worth or love myself. It’s so freeing to say I love myself and know I am worthy finally no matter how many times I will still mess up I won’t love myself any less.

I want this feeling for everyone especially young women out there I want you to know it’s ok not to have everything figured out I mean I still don’t but being happy with yourself and loving yourself indeed makes this adventure of life so much better.

Give yourself the best gift you could ever give yourself the gift of love because once you can do that your life will become so beautiful and start living life, less out of fear but more out of love.

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Self love Challenge: Go look at yourself in the mirror and say “I LOVE YOU” do this until you start believing it!

Peace Love and Happiness






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