Why China



This is a funny story well not so funny. Why China is a question, I ask myself all the time. If you are new to the CherryHearts welcome and if you are reading this you must be confused.

So I will start with the back story. Since I got back from my Thailand trip in January (read about it here), I was not the same things had changed so much, my sense of adventure was heightened, and I really wanted a change from the norm of the day to day life. My eager, enthusiastic friend was set out to leave, live, work and travel abroad as it was all she could talk about the minute we landed back in Cape Town.

What amazed me was her confidence, and I had always looked up to her for determination and will power to do anything she put her mind too. Me being me wasn’t so forthcoming with confidence but the more she spoke, the more she added fuel to a fire that has been dimly lit for a long time inside of me. The more excited she got when she spoke about foreign land meeting new people having fun and exploring the world gave me that butterfly feeling in my stomach and the wanderlust was real.

So China my China….

She went on a research bender, and China kept popping up. So we decided about three months ago to do a Teach English to foreign learner’s course. We learnt so much and at times I doubted my ability to learn and teach. We met some likeminded wanderlusters along the way and decided to bite the bullet and just do this. We finished the TEFL course at the end of June and July we just put ourselves out there sending our cvs to every recruiter then getting cold feet and deciding to change locations, but then China just popped up again.

We got the job at the same school and our exciting adventure is about to begin. With some paperwork delays, we are nervous anxious and excited about our great trek to China but feel the life growth and lessons we will learn from this trip will be something we will never be able to do here.

As we head into the unknown head first eyes wide open and praying hard we have no clue what lies ahead for us and I am actually ok with that. The process leading to this point has strengthened me so much already I cannot begin to imagine what the next year has in store for me. When I made my 2014 motto Make it happen 2014, I didn’t know I was going to be making this dream come true.

So I still don’t know why China and I am hoping to be able to answer that question one day with a greater respect for the Chinese culture and great confidence in myself.

Peace love and Happiness

Cherry ♥


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