World Cup Gypsy Madness



I have wanted to write this post for so long, but just never found the right time. I think the timing could not be more perfect right now. With that being said, you must be wondering what I mean???? World Cup Soccer time!!!(I am not much of sports chick, but the only time I get into sports is during any world cup event or the Olympics.)

About 4 years ago almost to this very day the world ascended on South African soil I remember it like it was just yesterday I cannot believe it has been 4 years already.

I was finishing my final year of studying for my Marketing degree, so we got an extended 6 week break during this time that was perfect as I had no clue what the next few weeks had in-store for me. My wanderlust and gypsy status was born. My friends and I could sit for hours telling story after story the energy in the city was electrifying everyone was happy, and all the visitors flocked in by plane loads.

My friends and I were out every night watching soccer games going to parties and meeting the most interesting people the world could have sent to us. Send us a bunch of Soccer fans from each country in the world and you bound to have a good time lol

It was truly amazing from a friend meeting an American dream of a guy even though it was short lived he is seriously one of the coolest guys I have met to date we still keep in contact, and I know we will stay friends for many more years. I invited him over for a home cooked meal, and he jumped at the opportunity since he was travelling alone. He has such a charismatic personality that he can make room full of people love him and he clearly won my mother and Courteney

Then we met crazy bunch of Italians in a random place; it was storming outside, and we ran into this bar/club to take cover and wait for the rain to stop before running to my car. It was like a heavenly orchestrated event lol We saw these guys having fun, and while we were there, we started talking and ended up becoming fast friends they were working for Fifa, so they were based in Cape Town for the duration of all the Cape Town matches. They were fun and did I mention Italian lol We went out many nights I love showing foreigners the beautiful city of Cape Town its like experiencing everything for the first time I totally love it.

We had a South African braai (barbeque) for them at a friend’s house that was fun some romances blossomed here and there but we knew they would leave and we would all stay friends thanks to the wonderful internet and Facebook.

Another highlight of this festive time was going to see a game at the Cape Town stadium. I got a ticket from one of my best friends, and I was overjoyed with excitement. We went to watch Italy vs. Paraguay it was the stormiest night but still way too much fun.

The World Cup Soccer 2010 memories are ones I will cherish forever all the friends we made, the cool parties we attended, and the ongoing excitement will live with me forever.

As the World Cup Brazil 2014 kicks off today, I look forward to feeling the soccer excitement again I know it wont be the same, but the nostalgia it brings will make it all more special.

If you have any World Cup stories share them with me i would love to hear them. I leave you with some awesome pictures that just bring back so many fun memories hope you enjoy!

Peace love and Happiness

 Cherry ♥

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