Year End Function- Welcome to Madame Zingara

So Mondays is meant to be blue, not in December I will have you know.  The silly season, a festive season, tis the season to be jolly lalala we all sing.( it’s that time of the year). Last night, we hosted our Year End Function. Another year has come and gone. I have had an amazing run this far. A year at the amazing company I work and I am very grateful to  be part of the team.

Thanks to my quick thinking, as soon as I saw Madame Zingara extended their stay I was on that, to book for our year end function, no hassles from my side to plan something exciting. The night spent with the Madame is all kinds of exciting.( take your mind out the gutter) lol.  It will have you sitting on the edge of your seat, in awe of the brilliant and talented contortionists, circus acts, dancers, singers, drummers, the works.  These acts come from all over the world.

If you have not heard of Madame Zingara, it’s a traveling performing dinner, if I could explain it like that. The food is exquisite: four courses of heaven – from the mouth watering chili chocolate steak to the trio of deserts.

The venue is a tent playing off the circus theme but completely decked out to the nines. The famous heart was there in the front playing the backdrop to every picture taken that night. We, as a team, have not had so much fun together ever. We have grown so much in this year, that we have doubled in size, which is amazing for a small agency to grow so quickly. This was the perfect ending to an extremely busy year!

The show is fully booked until the end of their run in January 2014 but will be traveling to Johannesburg and Durban. If you are in those cities, please do go and check them out, you will not be disappointed that I will guarantee. You can find out all the information here.

Let me know if you have been and your experience at Madame Zingara. If you are going, you are in for a treat, I leave you with some fun pictures from the night. Hope you enjoy!


Cherry ♥


3 thoughts on “Year End Function- Welcome to Madame Zingara”

  1. Meloney Kleinsmith

    Hey hun. I can tell that someone was very tired whilst doing this. Ask your mom how you had me in stitches.

    1. last night was rough the Madame took it all out of me lol Glad I made you laugh see I made your day brighter!! The wordsmith mother of mine to the rescue to save me one grammatical error at a time lol!!

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