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I am feeling rather under the weather lately with very little that’s motivating me maybe its the change of season and the 9 months of the year weighing down on my shoulders and I am just exhausted. With exactly 103 days to go before I jet off on an adventure of life time I am sitting here feeling very glum and just tired.I love helping others and that is where I find myself shining. Where it be helping my bestie go through a break up, looking after kids or just reading and learning ways to better do something I am interested in.

The last few months have been so busy that I have not really had time to sit still and clear my thoughts. Thinking about ways I can improve Coueteney’s YouTube channel, working with Out of Africa Dance Academy (still so much to do), baby sitting and helping out with lifting Courteney up and down to dance gigs and rehearsals. (Don’t get me wrong I love doing all of these things.)The time I do have to myself seems to be inbetween things.

My weekends are not mine anymore as I do less but still feel busy. I spend more time with my family, that I really enjoy like, movie nights on Fridays or lunches on Saturdays but  yet my mind is always busy. I just never seem to really switch off. Last week my cousin, (sister) was going through a terrible time in life dealing with all sorts of things.I am her go to girl in time of need and really pride myself in being positive when she is not and try to motivate her when she is down. I love helping everyone I can but never know how it actually affects me.

When I feel like this I know I let things slip, where it be work or life and need to pick myself up and soldier on. Only 103 more days before my vacation calls my name. (can it come any sooner)

Just when I feel like throwing in the towel YouTube to the rescue….

jack fin

As I was running out of the encouraging juice, I am so used to sipping from. I thought, I didn’t know where I was going to find my inspiration and motivation to get me through this day and just like that  I found my drink of inspire me juice. Oh JacksGap and his Rikshaw run. Jack and Finn with a few friends are riding rickshaws through India to promote the Teen Age Cancer Trust. I am so proud of these twins, Jack harries and Fin Harries from the YouTube channel JacksGap. They have a huge following on the internet and have decided to use it for good. For all the information check out this video below and ways to help support their campaign and find out more  (click here) all the money raised go to the Teen Age Cancer Trust. they have a $100 000 mark and already hit $66 000 with 39 days to go. There are awesome prizes to be won by those who pledge and even a grand prize of winning a trip to London to meet Jack and Finn.

Now that’s encouraging stuff, so while I feel overwhelmed  and exhausted by life it’s amazing to read and watch what awesome differences some people are making in the world. It keeps me inspired and motivated too do more and make it exciting.


Cherry ♥

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