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I hardly ever leave comments and like things on blogs or videos I watch until I started blogging and realised how important comments and likes are. Yes I do this for me but also for all you who take the time to read my rambles. I really do appreciate it and as much as I appreciate receiving it I decided if I like something or something was great or moving that person who put the effort into creating it deserves to know they doing a good job.(It only motivates them in the end)

So I take more time to thank those for the hard work that goes into creating a video or post. This came from a comment I left on Nick Millers YouTube video where I wrote something that lead to someone taking the time to leave a comment on one of my posts. (check out post here.)

I was lucky to meet this Nick Miller character at Louis Cole meet up(fun for Louis) a few months back you can check out that post here.

He’s an awesome young guy doing great things in South Africa and recently launched his YouTube channel to help people like us reach our goals. I loved this concept as it felt like it touched me personally.

More about Nick Miller

He owns a company called Teach me 2 a company based around education. They provide you with tutors to help you if you struggling with any subject at school or University even language and Music they the one stop shop. Providing the best tutors at the best rates and they travel to you when it is the most convenient for you. More on their story here here

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Crazy snap from the Cape Town Meet up.

What I am loving about this YouTube channel is; It’s not your average beauty guru, vlogging everyday life, travels or tutorials. It is all of the above. Its not just you watching someone else live their dreams it is a two way thing, watch Nick on his adventure while learning how to create your own.

Last year I left my job I hated it so much and I was set to take control of my life and do things I want to do. Easier said than done!!! I had all these ideas but had no clue where to begin.I really appreciate what Nick is trying to do with this platform as I can see not only in South Africa but everywhere especially younger kids leaving school or University  who need help to get their dreams and goals kick started.

If you can relate please feel free to share your dreams and goals with me and I wish you all the best on accomplishing them. You can find Nick’s videos below check it out subscribe and join the journey with us.


Cherry ♥

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