Hi, My name is Thalea.

How are you?

But how are you really?


This question made me feel so uncomfortable for most of my life. Growing up as a colored woman in South Africa in the ’90s, I was surrounded by political unrest. There was no time to feel and no time to heal.

But South Africa’s disputes eventually settled and so did all my excuses for not addressing my own inner conflicts. I was in my twenties binge eating, unhappy with my body, and too insecure to follow my calling.

I knew something needed to change, anything, but I didn’t know what, So in 2014 I packed my bags and headed to Asia for a journey of self-discovery.

Stepping out of my comfort zone gave me a chance to step into myself. I was becoming aware of the importance of listening to my soul, of paying attention to how I was feeling, and of facing past traumas head-on.

Working on myself was the best investment I have ever made. I learned to address the feeling behind my impulses to eat, I learned to love myself and I gained the confidence to follow my calling.

In 2019 I became a certified wellness coach through Hungry for Happiness based in the US. Since 2020 I have been coaching stressed-out women to beat their battle with food and their bodies so that they can live freely.

My bespoke courses, which include guided meditations, intuitive writing exercises, breathwork, and movement, are tailored to accommodate your unique lifestyle and to be mindful of your spiritual and religious beliefs.

So I am going to ask you, how are you? How are you really?

If this question makes you feel uncomfortable, book a free Clarity Call and make the most important investment in your life, an investment in yourself.

At the moment I am

most probably





dreaming of

something big



listening to

deep house

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