A Weekend out and about Exploring Wine Country

I hope everyone is ready to tackle the fourth week of the New year!( the years is whizzing by)

This weekend my friends and I planned a trip out to explore Wine Country. Now in Cape Town we are truly spoilt for choice we have the Winelands of Franschhoek, Somerset West, Wellington and Stellenbosch. My favourite is Franschhoek , I just love it, the vast greenery and the small quaint town feel and it’s only an hour out of the hustle and bustle of the city.We arrived at the ticket office at 11am ready to meet our Tour guide and set off on a wine tram adventure.

How it works


There are two lines you can choose from, blue line or red line. We did the red route, which included 6 wine farms and 3 complementary tastings. It is a combination of wine bus, tram and then an extra fun tractor ride from the tram stop to the next wine farm. I have been to Franschhoek many times before, but this experience was by far the highlight of all my Franschhoek trips. If you are new or old to the city, this is the best way to experience the Franschhoek wine valley.
The wine farms you visit on the tour are, Mont Rochelle, La Couronne, Moreson, Leopards leap, Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence.

My favourite wine Farm was Moreson; they have amazing sparkling wine that I fall in love with truly amazing. I cannot help it; I am a fine dining and tiny bubbles girl. (hint hint if anyone wants to spoil me lol) I love this wine farm because of its beautiful flowers and the vast spectrum of colours. It could have you there for hours. I am also a lover of small details. If there is 3 things you must know about me is;
1. I am a sucker for shoes and sales
2. Chairs
3. Wine glasses( maybe the wine to)

The host that was explaining the wines to us could not stop laughing by this time we had already visited 2 wine farms (enough said). I loved that, with each wine, we got a new glass, champagne flute and then red wine glass all while sitting in the garden.

We then went on the tram and tractor ride to the next two stops. I will say I am pretty bruised from the bumpy ride (take your minds out the gutter) It was so much fun. Leopard’s leap has the greenest grass I have ever seen it was so beautiful, a painted picture. Then we went off to Rickety Bridge by this time things got a little crazy. While I went off chatting to random people, apparently after a few glasses of vino, I tend to get chatty (who would have thought lol). The next thing I know my two friends come walking out wearing aprons from the guys behind the wine bar (can’t take these girls anywhere what a laugh)

We were a nice small group of people on the tour and made some cool friends. It was just something so great to do on a summer’s day in Cape Town and well  recommended to everyone. Thanks to the staff for the great job,our wine tram tour experience was awesome. Marc was our tour guide, and he was fantastic at making sure we didn’t miss the bus and even finding us a toilet at the end of the tour.

Franschhoek Tram Tour Details
Price 170pp (tickets available online or at the ticket office all details on the website.)

Peace love & Happiness

Cherry ♥

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