My Birthday wish to Tata Madiba


I wish this man well on his 95th Birthday. A legend of his time and inspiration for decades to come. 4664 his prison number that represented sadness, now represents HOPE. My Birthday wish to you today is that 67 minutes celebrated on International Mandela Day doesn’t stop today… But creates a movement within each person’s heart. Celebrate where we have come and where we yet to  go. United we stand today, tomorrow and all the days to come.

One man started the long walk to freedom, It’s our our turn to follow in his footsteps.The best thing we can do is give unselfishly of our time. Learn to love as he does and do more and talk less. When the time comes when he may no longer be around. Just remember he will be with our Maker smiling down on us as from above. As the change he fought for, we continue to live out.

The greatest gift we can give him today and forever Is to remember what he did for us by; Taking action;inspiring change and through this We can make every day a Mandela Day.



Cherry ♥

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